Evening Primrose Oil for Women

August 29th, 2011


It blooms when the sun sets and then withers during sunlight; hence, it was given the name evening primrose. Often considered as a weed in the garden, evening primrose is a very beautiful plant that flourishes in temperate regions across America, Canada, and Europe. It can grow as tall as eight feet, bloom beautifully, and produce seeds that are approximately 5 cm long. 

Evening Primrose Oil 

For over centuries now, the seeds of evening primrose are crushed and oil is extracted. Evening primrose oil is used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products as well as to promote good health and prevent certain illnesses related to womanhood. 

Evening primrose oil contains emollient properties that help to hydrate and soften the skin. The oil likewise has linoleic acid and gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). Both acids are said to be essential and beneficial to the general well-being of an individual. Linoleic acid aids the body to absorb insulin, regulate weight, and reduce the risk of cancer and heart diseases. Meanwhile, GLA is an essential fatty acid that reduces swelling or irritation. Rich in GLA, evening primrose is highly recommended to cure inflammatory ailments, such as asthma and arthritis. 

Benefits of Evening Primrose Oil 

Evening primrose oil can be taken both internally and externally. It has been recognized to stop dilemmas on acne, eczema, psoriasis, and problems with skin. Evening primrose oil is also used as an ingredient in lotions and creams. 

The high level of gamma-linoleic acid found in evening primrose oil help ease the discomforts caused by premenstrual syndrome, endometriosis, and menopause. 

Evening primrose oil also contains fatty acids that are considered to lessen soreness of breast due to menstruation and fibrocystic breasts. 

Based on their initial research, experts revealed that GLA can aid in destroying tumors that cause breast cancer, without any side effects or damage to normal cells. Researchers also found out that breast cancer patients who took GLA supplements in addition to the breast cancer drug tamoxifen responded faster to the treatment as compared to those who took tamoxifen alone. 



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