Evening Primrose Oil and Weight Loss

March 20th, 2011

The battle of the bulge is one of the hardest battles to attempt to win. There are many products out in the market that claim to help you lose weight but they either don’t work or they don’t keep the weight from returning. Many of those products have some unwanted side effects and can cause more harm to your body over time.  When trying to lose weight it is best that you find a process that allows you to lose that weight naturally.  

Losing weight naturally means to utilize the fruits of the earth to give you a healthier body weight. One fruit of the earth that can help you lose weight and keep it off is wild evening primrose. The evening primrose naturally occurs in nature as a flower. It is called evening primrose because the flowers of the primrose open up in the evening time and close with the sunshine.  It does not belong to the primrose plant family; it just looks very similar to the primrose flowers.

Evening primrose oil was used for medicinal purposes even before the Europeans came to America. It is a very good aid in dealing with inflammation, has many anti aging properties, anti cancer agents and weight lose benefits. The oils derived from the seeds of the primrose are used to harvest the essential fatty acid GLA also known as gamma-Linolenic acid.

GLA has been proven by researchers to aid in natural weight loss. GLA helps to regulate two calorie burning components. It starts the production of brown adipose fat (BAT) to burn calories and it also starts the sodium pump which uses up to 50% of the body’s total calories. Basically GLA speeds up metabolism.

New research studies performed on animals have yielded some surprising results with evening primrose and GLA; first is a correlation has been found between low levels of GLA and obesity; the second is increasing the GLA levels through supplement can decrease the appetite and increase weight loss. Speculation is that if this supplement increases the serotonin levels n the brain which signals to the body that it is full, and then it is also an appetite suppressant as well.

Evening primrose has been proven to reduce the amount of body fat while maintaining muscle mass.  It is an essential fatty acid that is needed for proper cell growth and regulation. Evening primrose is the best weight loss supplement available simply because it has been proven to allow people to lose weight and keep it off. With many diet fads, you have to alter your diets, nutrition, and lifestyle by adding exercises.  You may or may not lose weight and once you revert back to a previous lifestyle; stopped exercising and watching what you eat you gain the weight back. With people who are taking evening primrose supplement, it doesn’t matter if they continue the healthier lifestyle or revert back to eating whatever they want, the weight does not come back. As you can see evening primrose oil is the best natural weight loss supplement and it been around for over hundreds of years.

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